What is Youthread?

Youthread is a platform for thought-pieces on film, music, art, and culture by Alex Arcenas and Dom Concepcion.


Hello people of the internet!

We’re Alex and Dom; and we’re the founders of Youthread.
You can pronounce is as Youth-thread/ You-thread/ Youth-read or whatever you want! To be honest, we don’t know what Youthread “exactly” is or what it could be. It represents so many things for us but primarily it’s our passion project – an online-journal for everything film, art, music, youth and culture.

In 2017, we started Youthread without having any idea what we were doing. We were bored. Burned out in school as Media and Entertainment students, we just wanted to “burden” ourselves more by creating more stuff that we wanted…


But that’s just the thing – we actually  really really love writing, illustrating, and creating content so here we are today! Hope you enjoy going through our little website and the randomness of it all

Alex & Dom


 ✉️ youthreadmedia@gmail.com