Music News: Vampire Weekend is back and are you ready for it?

Words and Illustrations by Alex Arcenas


“I Think Ur A Contra” – I have tweeted this lyric/title by Vampire Weekend every year and counting since I set up my Twitter account in  2009. Their last album was released in 2013 and that’s what I’ve been holding on to for years but just this January 24, Vampire Weekend released 2 new songs: Harmony Hall and 2021 – to which I was ecstatic about. It wasn’t the jumpy kind of excitement but the kind that made me shed tears when the first few notes played. An over-reaction maybe but Vampire Weekend is one of my favourite bands; from their unique sound to their symbolic-filled lyrics. They were soundtrack of my middle school/high school days and still my go-to band to listen to. Without fail, playing their songs always hits me with a wave of nostalgia and being a little bit older now, I realize more and more the soulfulness of their words and tunes that are thoughtfully laced together.

6 years for new tracks is a long wait, but worth it?

Given that I think I would love anything else Vampire Weekend releases at this point, 6 years may be long but their new songs still hold up to their testament of making music unlike any other artist in their genre. I say this even though Rostam left the band in 2016 – Rostam, who wrote songs and played multiple instruments in Vampire Weekend, went on to make a beautiful album called “Half-Light” in 2017 that filled the Vampire Weekend-sized whole in my life. Seriously, I over played Gwan and Bike Dreams to death, ask Spotify.

What to expect next: It’s a Vampire Year.

Vampire Weekend announced that they would release a double album: Ezra Koenig posted on his Instagram that the 18-track record will be released in segments. Yup, that’s 18 songs. Written in his caption, “There will be three 2-song drops every month until the record is out. […] (Plans can change that’s the plan).” Along with that, they also confirmed a Madison Square Garden concert – now what a way to come back!

All I have to say is I am excited. Waiting for the songs won’t be that long now, so for now I’ll be listening to these ~

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